1. Biodata
    • SPM COGEN Sdn.Bhd., incorporated April-2010 in Malaysia, registration no. 897562-P
    • A tripartite joint-venture between SPMSB + Cogen Power Sdn.Bhd. + Ramead Yap P.S.
    • Authorised Capital MYR 1 million (Paid-Up MYR 530 k)
    • Offices
      • centralised operations based at the Shah Alam (Selangor) office of SPM Group
      • current Thai office at Thailand Science Park in Pathumthani, Thailand (Mr. Supasit Amaralikit)
  2. Scope of Business
    • focusing on Small/Off-Grid Electrification Solutions using Renewable Energy (RE) and/or enhanced efficiency power systems
    • in the power market of ASEAN and Central Africa countries for generation, transmission & distribution projects, for
      • IPP (Independent Power Producer)
      • EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)
      • ReEngineering/Troubleshooting consultancy for installed energy generation assets
  3. Technologies Offered
    • Biomass (Woodwaste/RiceHusk/Corncob/OilPalm waste) using
      • Conventional/thermal technologies or
      • Biomass Gasification and/or Cogeneration (CornCob, Bagasse)
    • Biogas
      • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) energy recovery solutions.
      • Livestock farm waste-to-electricity
    • Small-power generation solutions for off-grid/remote/rural-electrification (RE/Coal/Diesel/Hybrid)
    • Industrial Cogeneration/Trigeneration production (for Power + Heat + Cooling)
  4. Current Business Developments
    • IPP development of total 3MW on-grid biomass gasification power plants in Thailand
    • EPC package for 2MW off-grid biomass cogeneration plant in Central Africa (for Sawmill)
    • EPC package for 100kW off-grid biomass gasification in North Korea (for UNDP)
  5. Contact